Giant Flowering Tea Bulbs- Thousand Year Red Flowers

The care and attention that has gone into making each of these giant flowering tea bulbs is evident, and watching them unfurl and release their flavour and aroma's really is a feast for all the senses.

Adding a little theatre to your day, Choi Time's giant flowering tea bulbs really are the ultimate tea experience, and if their beauty and subtlety of flavours wasn't enough, they aid digestion, strengthen the immune system, reduce the signs of aging, lower cholesterol and brighten the skin.

Thousand Year Red Flower - The jewel in our flowering tea bulb crown, it is woven with the globe amaranth flower producing a wonderful aromatic tea, and a bulb with a glorious red heart.  Red flowers are said to bring happiness, luck and prosperity; not bad for a cup of tea!

Health Benefits - The globe amaranth is beneficial in the recovery of bronchitis and coughs and soothes asthma.

To make the perfect cup, pour just boiled (but not boiling, the recommended temperature is between 80 -90 degrees) water into a glass cup or teapot and drop in one flowering tea bulb of your choice.  The bulb will unfurl and reveal the flower within whilst infusing the water.  Each bulb will make at least 2 litres- up to 5 L of tea and is delicious whether served hot or chilled.

As you can imagine, these teas have made quite a stir, and these are just some of the comments I've received:

" Her jasmine infused high grade white needle green tea is highly scented, refreshing with no hint of bitterness, it will make anything else feel like an insult. Add to this the promise of an effortless detox and it becomes addictive. ' - Saturday Telegraph Magazine

"At my last annual medical my antioxidant levels were not satisfactory. I subsequently started drinking green tea in the delightful form of Giant Flowering Tea bulbs from Choi Time. At my next medical, my antioxidant status was 42000 and my report stated; 'Your antioxidant status is superb and in the Proactive category. Only about 1% of the population attains this level of antioxidant protection in their bodies. The exotic flower tea was the only change I made to my relatively healthy diet. I thoroughly recommend the tea, not only is it delicious and refreshing, it is aesthetically pleasing too. It has helped my complexion, my concentration, and I believe the improved antioxidant levels will also give me some measure of protection against cancer which is rife in my family." Debbie Simon, Surrey 09

choose from the following options for your giant flowering tea bulbs

Elegant Glass Canisters (70g) £26.00

Packet Bag (15 bulbs) £16.00 

Packet (6 bulbs) £9.00

Taster Packet (3 bulbs) £6.00

Single Sachet £2.00

Seconds Packet (15) £10.00 These have been damaged in transit and have no red flower in the centre. 

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