Yellow Treasure - Green Oolong with Osmanthus Flowers

Choi Time's yellow treasure tea is a wonderful blend of the highest quality green oolong and yellow osmanthus flowers; the oolong provides a depth and richness to the tea, and the osmanthus flowers a hint of sweetness and brightness.  A multi layered tea, it is complex whilst still being easy to drink and is ideal for those who look depth in their tea.  It is also an excellent tea to drink after eating as it helps with digestion and the metabolising of fats.

To brew the perfect cup, simply put a pinch (or a gram) of tea leaves into a cup and pour just boiled (but not boiling, the recommended temperature is between 180F-185F) and allow to infuse for a few minutes; you can top your cup up 3-5 times for this amount of tea.

choose from the following options for your yellow treasure tea

Elegant glass canister (60g) £19.90 makes approx 260 cups

Packet bag (60g) £16.00 makes approx. 260 cups

Taster packet (10g) £6.00 makes approx. 45 cups

Single Sachet £2.00 makes approx. 3-5 cups


*Estimations are based on drinking the traditional Chinese way, where one portion will give you at leas 3-5 cups of tea. Just refill with hot water.  

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